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Providing parks solutions to travel professionals

Independence National Historical Park

Independence National Historical Park
Photo: Bob Rouse

National parks. Those two words are more appealing now than ever before to travelers seeking open spaces, historical connections, or places to play. And for tour operators who package travel to these vast repositories of natural beauty and national heritage, parks present outstanding opportunities.

Let’s work together to book that business.

The National Tour Association is bringing parks people together. And NTA’s National Parks Partners program is delivering essential information to tour operators and travel planners, connecting them with key players in and around parks: hotels, concessionaires, DMOs, restaurants, and other suppliers.

The majority of NTA tour operators (77%) package national parks, and following the pandemic, they need assistance with changes—both at park sites and in the destinations nearby. They need people who can help them navigate the local terrain.

Travel Exchange

At Travel Exchange ’21 in Cleveland this November, buyers will gather at the Parks Partners Pavilion, a space on the Exchange floor dedicated to building relationships … and business. Sponsoring organizations will have a presence in the pavilion throughout the show, Nov. 14–17, plus a raft of branding opportunities in the months leading up to the big event.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park
Photo: Jacob W. Frank

Travel Exchange features buyers of all types and specialties who meet with tour suppliers and DMOs to build partnerships, collaborations, and creative itineraries. These meetings take place as structured appointments and innovative pitch sessions as well as conversations and friendships that rise organically during meals, at networking events, and in seminars, common areas, and elevators.

In Cleveland, NTA will celebrate its 70th anniversary and include two other organizations under the Travel Exchange umbrella: the World Food Travel Association and specialized education with their event, FoodTreX North America; and the International Tour Management Institute’s symposium, an annual professional development and reunion gathering for ITMI-certified tour directors and guides.

Sponsorship opportunities

NTA’s National Parks Partners program arrives at a unique time in travel. Emerging from the pandemic shutdown, travelers are eager to explore the great outdoors and make meaningful connections with historical sites and monuments. And what travelers want, tour operators provide. Also at this time, travel planners are revising itineraries to serve traditional parks visitors and creating new ones to serve clients who can’t travel abroad and seek new domestic destinations.

Yet there are challenges for tour providers. Many of their trusted contacts no longer work at the companies and organizations they partnered with for years. And many of the companies themselves have changed hands or gone away. This leaves buyers looking to build new relationships—with hotels, restaurants, experiences, transportation companies … and the DMOs that pull all the info together.

Buyers will benefit when they can find multiple solutions in a single place. And for NTA buyers, that place is the Parks Partners Pavilion.

Sponsorships in this unique program start at $1,500 and offer an array of ways to reach NTA buyers, ranging from logos and banner ads in key digital communications to an on-site presence in the Parks Partners Pavilion. And there are loads of loads of promotion paths in between: e-blasts, social media pushes, and digital content in Courier magazine and NTA’s Tuesday newsletter.

Let’s get started

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
Photo: Jacob W. Frank

NTA’s National Parks Partners program offers several levels of sponsorship, each with a long list of features and benefits for current (and soon-to-be) members who participate. To learn more, contact Sue Cronin, Parks Partners sales director, at 203.520.1228 or With many years of experience in travel, B2B conference management, and service with the National Parks Promotion Council, Sue is ideally suited to coordinate sponsorships for NTA’s new parks program.

And click through to learn more about Travel Exchange ’21 in Cleveland or about NTA, the premiere association for packaged travel professionals.

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