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Tour operator and travel agent appointment info

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  • Make direct requests
  • Update my profile (You can do this 24/7, 365 days a year)

Appointment scheduling 101

Before appointment scheduling opens: Be sure to update your NTA online profile. Your online profile gives you the chance to mark the states, countries, and provinces that you DO visit, and the states, countries, and provinces that you DO NOT. If you “block” a state, country, or province, no seller from that location will be able to add you to their appointment request list. Why is this important? Because it helps ensure that you’ll be meeting with the suppliers and destinations that you want to meet with at Travel Exchange. But be sure to complete your profile prior to TBA. Once the appointment request system opens, you will not be able to go back and “block” destinations. And remember….completing your NTA online profile is one of the requirements for rebate eligibility (see below).

During the appointment request phase: Fill up your request list! The more requests you make, the better-matched your appointments will be. Your opportunity for doing more business also increases substantially, so try to schedule the maximum (80 suppliers, 40 DMOs). If you do not submit any requests, you’ll still receive a full schedule (100+) of tour supplier and DMO requested appointments. View this Todd Talk to get step-by-step instructions on how the appointment request system works.

During the Direct Request phase: Once your customized appointment schedule is posted on TBA, the Direct Request phase opens. During these two weeks, suppliers and DMOs can request specific appointments with you based on openings in your schedule. You’ll receive a notification that you have a request. Please reply to each request by either accepting it (in which case, it’s added to your schedule) or declining it (so that the seller can request a different operator for that time slot). And remember that you can request additional appointments as well. This phase is scheduled to close on TBA.

While at Travel Exchange: Be sure to show up for your appointments. Not only is this required for rebate eligibility, it is common courtesy. Suppliers and DMOs have requested you because they feel they have an exciting destination or product to offer your travelers. You’re there to learn about new destinations and product. The appointment booth is where both parties make this happen. So if you have an appointment on your schedule, be present for it.

After Travel Exchange: If you’re a full appointment-taking buyer, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $650 to help cover your travel expenses. During Travel Exchange, you will receive the rebate form that you can return to NTA Headquarters with proper receipts and documentation of your expenses. If you return the form with proper paperwork and meet the requirements listed below, you will receive a rebate check in early 2020. Here are the requirements for rebate eligibility:

  • Register as a full appointment-taking buyer.
  • Complete your NTA online profile.
  • Attend your prescheduled appointments.
  • Attend at least 4 of the 6 new networking opportunities on Tuesday (Sales Missions and/or Best Pitch).
  • Stay at one of the three NTA convention hotels.

Need help? NTA will do it for you, just call our member services team at +1.859.264.6540 or toll free 800.682.8886 (US and Canada) for assistance.

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