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Tour operator and tour planner appointment info

  • Request appointments
  • Make direct requests
  • Update my profile (You can do this 24/7, 365 days a year)

Appointment scheduling 101

The more requests you make, the better-matched your appointments will be. Your opportunity for doing more business also increases substantially, so try to schedule the maximum. If you don’t submit any requests, you’ll receive a full schedule (100+) of tour supplier and DMO requested appointments. Tour operator rebate information can be found in a link in the opening paragraph.

View previous schedules: After you login, you’ll see a new “previous schedules” button. Click the button to see all your prior convention schedules that exist for your organization (These will include appointment schedules from 2004 to present, and will only include prescheduled appointments, not appointments made on-site).

Upload a PDF: If you want to promote show specials or other special features about your product, you can upload a PDF. Potential appointment matches will be able to view your PDF directly from the search screen.

Booth signage: Promote your area in your Destination Pavilion workstation or your tour product in your Supplier Exchange appointment booth. Have some fun with it; there are no restrictions to your booth’s décor. Distribution of any materials other than your profile form and business card is not allowed during business appointments.

Profile form guidelines

Your organization’s profile is your key promotional tool at Travel Exchange. Check out this profile form example!

Use your company online profile to let sellers know about your company, as well as the product that interest you. (And an updated online profile is required for you to receive your rebate.)

In your online profile, you can:

  • List your customer types, product types and destinations.
  • Specify the destinations that do not interest you. (Sellers located in these destinations will not be able to request an appointment with your company during the appointment request phase. However, you will be able to request an appointment with them.)
  • Update your online profile today. You’ll need your NTA login and password.

Need help? NTA will do it for you, just call our member services team at +1.859.264.6540 or toll free 800.682.8886 (US and Canada) for assistance.

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