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Appointment Request System

The Travel Exchange appointment request system is scheduled to open on Tuesday, Sept.26, 2023, and will stay open through Friday, Oct. 13, 2023. Appointment schedules will be posted on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023, which is also when Direct Request will open. Direct Request will stay open through Nov. 4, 2023.

  • Request appointments
  • Make direct requests
  • Update my profile (You can do this 24/7, 365 days a year)

All DMO appointments will be the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 13, and the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 14. Walking time has been added to appointments, so each session will last 8 minutes. DMOs will not have appointment booths of their own, and will walk from appointment to appointment.

Appointment scheduling 101

Did you know that the online system is customized specifically for you? When you login, operators who do not package your destination are removed from your list which saves you time in your research. (But they still can request an appointment with you.)

The more requests you make, the greater your chance to receive more appointments. If you only submit 10 out of 31 requests, you only have 10 chances for an appointment to be scheduled, instead of 31.

Be sure you’re registered correctly. Only those who registered as a DMO Exchange Participant will receive prescheduled appointments. If you registered as a DMO Partial Exchange Participant, you will not receive prescheduled appointments. If you registered incorrectly, contact NTA HQ.

View previous schedules: After you login, you’ll see a new “previous schedules” button. Click the button to see all your prior convention schedules that exist for your organization (These will include appointment schedules from 2004 to present, and will only include prescheduled appointments, not appointments made on-site).

Upload a PDF: If you want to promote show specials or other special features about your product, you can upload a PDF. Potential appointment matches will be able to view your PDF directly from the search screen.

Profile form guidelines

Your organization’s profile is your key promotional tool at Travel Exchange. Market your organization with two profiles—one online and one during appointments. You can submit your profile form to NTA HQ by Oct. 13 and we’ll send a link of all forms to buyers.

Online profile: Use your NTA Online profile to let buyers know about your organization. Buyers will do research before Travel Exchange to find the members with whom they want to meet. Your Travel Exchange appointments are likely to be better quality if you’ve taken the time to update your profile to accurately reflect your business. Don’t forget to upload photos! Update your profile today. You’ll need your NTA login and password. Don’t remember your log-in or password? Email NTA HQ for a quick reset!

Onsite Profile

Not only do you have an NTA online profile, but you also have the chance to distribute a paper copy to buyers on the appointment floor in Shreveport. When preparing your onsite profile sheet, make sure it’s no longer than one page, front and back. Also, include your state/provincial abbreviation in the upper right corner.

Also include:

  • Year and location of Travel Exchange (TREX 2023).
  • Your organization name, address, phone, email and website.
  • Your contact name(s), specifically TREX attendees.
  • NTA member category (tour supplier, DMO, dual member, associate).
  • Description of your company/property/destination/product).
  • Location information/maps.
  • Group requirements and policies.
  • Provisions or amenities of interest to tour operators.
  • Available marketing tools.

Two Additional Ways to get Appointments

If you registered as a full appointment-taker, your customized appointment schedule will be posted on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023. But you still have two additional ways to gain more appointments. One is through Direct Request, which opens on Oct. 24, 2023, and will stay open through Nov. 3, 2023. In Direct Request, you have the opportunity to request specific appointment slots with buyers who have openings in their appointment schedule, and those buyers have the option of either accepting or denying the request. If they accept the request, the appointment is added to both schedules. You can also pick up additional appointments onsite in Shreveport. If a buyer is seated at their appointment booth, and no one is seated across from them, you can approach their table and request to meet with them then.

Questions? Contact NTA’s Member Solutions team via email or call us at +1.859.264.6540 or 800.682.8886 (U.S. and Canada).

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