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The Voices of Route 66
Speaker: Evan Stern

In the fall of 2021, Evan Stern grabbed a microphone and took two months to drive Route 66 from Oklahoma to the Santa Monica Pier. Along the way, he logged 6,845 miles on his odometer and spoke with over 100 people for his podcast Vanishing Postcards. In “The Voices of Route 66,” Evan combines personal reflections with select footage from a few folks he met along this journey. The resulting presentation provides a look at the Mother Road as it exists today, explores how Route 66 remains The Main Street of America, and explains why sharing its full story is essential for its future endurance.

Generation ‘Them’: Navigating a Multi-Generational Workforce Speaker: Kristin Scroggin

Embark on a journey with Generation “Them,” a captivating exploration into the why behind each generation’s unique perspectives. Discover the key to fostering understanding, strengthening teamwork, and ensuring workplace cohesion. This presentation provides a solid grasp of generational norms and emphasizes the critical need to attract and retain top young talent for long-term sustainability, all while offering a light-hearted look at the quirks that make us uniquely human.

The Art of Prioritization: Honoring Boundaries with Priorities that Stick
Speaker: Dana Stone

Master the skill of prioritization to ensure that your most critical tasks receive the attention they deserve. This session will provide frameworks and tools to help you identify high-impact activities, set and maintain boundaries, and manage your time effectively, ensuring your goals align with your actions.

Inbox Zero: Mastering Email Management for Maximum Productivity
Speaker: Dana Stone

Tired of drowning in emails? Learn the secrets to achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero. This session will equip you with practical techniques for efficient email management, from filtering and organizing to prioritizing and automating responses, helping you reclaim your time and boost productivity.

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