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Your (Sales) Mission

Buyers will get destination info during Sales Missions: 20-minute presentations made by several DMOs—linked by geography—to a group of buyers and tour directors. Each Sales Mission led by a state or provincial DMO will include local DMOs and, at the leader’s option, suppliers, too.

Sales Missions will take place virtually and be broken into several sessions. Four or five Sales Missions will be conducted during each time slot and buyers will choose the one they want to attend (up to 8). Sales Missions will be presented one time (no repeats like in Fort Worth), but they will be recorded and available to buyers for later viewing. With only four (or five) sessions running concurrently, there will be more buyers attending each presentation.

Finding your mission if …

  • Your state/provincial DMO is attending TREX: The Sales Mission leader collaborates with other DMO delegates from your state or province. They may invite supplier delegates to join them.
  • No state/provincial DMO is attending, but you and other DMOs are: Three or more DMOs can form a Sales Mission to represent their state or province and may invite suppliers. One of you will take charge of the mission.
  • You are the only DMO from your state or province attending TREX: NTA will match you with two other solo DMOs, and you’ll each get five minutes to speak (with five more for a collective Q&A).


State and provincial DMOs lead the Sales Mission for their state or province. If three or more DMOs form a Sales Mission in the absence of a state/provincial leader, one DMO will need to lead the mission. All leaders should contact NTA’s Dawn Pettus:

There will be two sessions on Thursday, Nov. 4; each session is divided into four slots that include four concurrent 15-minute presentations, a five-minute Q&A and five minutes for transition.

There’s no cost. However, DMOs/PMOs and suppliers must be registered for TREX to participate.

We’ll use Zoom to conduct up to 32 Sales Missions. Tour operators will have the opportunity to ask questions using the “chat” feature. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

NTA may decide to break the group of DMOs/PMOs into two Sales Missions.

NTA will inform the designated DMO/PMO leader the presentation time of their Sales Mission. Questions? Contact NTA’s Dawn Pettus:

Participants in each Sales Mission can decide how to maximize their 15-minute presentation.

Tour operators can choose up to Sales Missions to attend live, but they will be recorded for later viewing.

They’ll be scheduled. Buyers can request specific Sales Missions when the Direct Request Appointment System opens, and those requests will be processed in the order of each buyer’s registration date. Each mission has a limited number of spots, which will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.*

*Based on the number of buyers registered for TREX.

There’s no way to say for certain how many buyers will attend, but Sales Missions were highly rated following Fort Worth and vTREX. It will be open to all tour operators registered for TREX and with fewer presentations going at once, more operators will be in each session… plus it’ll be a great way to learn about packaging multiple destinations.

Presenters may follow up during on-site appointments (use the Direct Request System which closes Nov. 5) or plan to meet outside of the pre-scheduled appointments in Cleveland.

To get the scoop on the Best Pitch session for international DMOs, follow this link.

Questions? Ready to sign up your state or province? Contact NTA’s Dawn Pettus: Call +1.859.264.6567 or email

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