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Best Pitch

International destinations step into the spotlight during Best Pitch.

The session is a great way for international members to introduce themselves and their countries to NTA buyers.

Starting at 1 p.m. on appointment-free Tuesday, an audience of buyers will hear from international representatives (NTOs, DMOs, or receptives) during Best Pitch, a new connection point. Each speaker will have five minutes to give an overview of travel to his or her country. (Talk for three minutes and answer questions for two).


International presenters will be able to distribute business cards and sales collateral, but there will not be an opportunity to show a video or display photos.

There’s no cost. DMOs need only to register for Travel Exchange.

A group of buyers will be seated in front of a stage, and presenters will take turns on the stage, delivering their Best Pitch.

Buyers must attend two of three Tuesday connection events (two Sales Mission hours and Best Pitch) to qualify for the rebate … plus it’ll be a great way to learn about packaging international destinations.

DMOs can invite buyers to join them for lunch, held on the TREX Floor that Tuesday. They can also connect during happy hour later that day or at any time their schedules allow.

Questions? Ready to sign up your state or province? Contact NTA’s Dawn Pettus: Call +1.859.264.6567 or email

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