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Pro tips for tour suppliers

Tips for Tuesday at TREX

Suppliers should be working the TREX Floor on Tuesday—even if your appointments aren’t until Wednesday or Thursday. There are three reasons:

  1. Extra networking: Buyers won’t have appointments that day, meaning they will be easier to mingle with as they attend seminars and Sales Missions, have lunch on the TREX Floor, and visit sponsor booths to vote for TREXie Awards.
  2. Sales Missions: The leader of your state or province may invite you to join their Sales Mission—and even if you’re not part of the presentation, you can be in the audience of tour operators. (That’s extra extra networking.)
  3. Caucuses: At 4 p.m. on Tuesday, states and provinces will hold their own caucus, allowing DMOs to compare notes and share leads with suppliers as you head into your appointments.

PRO TIPS for all sellers

  • Lunch on Tuesday: The midday meal will take place on the TREX Floor, providing time for additional networking. So buddy up with a buyer or two.
  • Caucus!: At 4 p.m. on Tuesday, state and provincial caucuses will give time for DMOs and suppliers to get together and share leads and strategies.
  • More networking: After the formal business sessions are completed, the informal ones begin. Keep shaking hands at the 5 p.m. happy hour and at evening dine-arounds.
  • Unelectric: Tuesday presentations won’t include projectors and big screens, so get creative with iPads, printed itineraries, and tchotchkes.
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