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Travel Exchange ’18 and its open, colorful floor was fresh and innovative, you said—energetic and inviting. And fresh feels right. So at Travel Exchange ’19 in Fort Worth, you’ll see even more innovations to help you connect with NTA colleagues and build business. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Buyers will be seated all week, making it easier for them to do business—and easier for sellers to find them.
  2. All DMO appointments—the seven-minute prescheduled ones, anyway—will take place on Monday.
  3. On Tuesday, buyers are appointment-free, so sellers can connect with them in seminars and on the floor—during lunch and booth-browsing.
  4. On appointment-free Tuesday, all members can participate in education seminars.
  5. Also on Tuesday, there will be two new ways for buyers and sellers to connect: Sales Mission and Best Pitch.

Sales Mission (SĀLZ mish’un): A 15-minute presentation made by several DMOs to a group of six or more buyers.

  • Each is led by a state or provincial DMO (with accommodations made for DMOs whose state or provincial DMO doesn’t attend).
  • State/provincial DMOs can also include tour suppliers in their Sales Mission.
  • Buyers pick which Sales Missions they attend, and they learn how to package multiple destinations in that state or province. (Buyers who register early get their first choice, as spaces are limited.)
  • Each Sales Mission will make two presentations to buyers.
  • DMOs can distribute any type of collateral.
  • State/provincial DMOs who register for Travel Exchange by June 26 lock in a spot for a Sales Mission.

Best Pitch (best PICH): A 90-minute session for National Tourism Office reps to each give a five-minute talk to an audience of 20-plus buyers.

  • A DMO or receptive tour operator—as assigned by NTA —may represent a country whose NTO doesn’t
  • Each pitch is three minutes, with an extra two minutes for follow-up questions and transition to the next speaker.

More details:

  • Buyers can attend all three sessions: two Sales Mission hours and one Best Pitch session.
  • To be rebate eligible, a buyer must attend two of the three sessions.
  • DMOs can gain extra appointments if buyers ask for follow-up info after a presentation or if they request a meeting with a buyer.
  • Tuesday’s Lunch in the Hall will give sellers a chance to follow up with buyers, and it gives buyers a chance to browse sponsors’ booths.

Note: Projections for Best Pitch and Sales Mission sessions are based on TREX ’18 attendance and are subject to adjustments.

Now awarding … The TREXies!

Sponsors at Travel Exchange work hard to make their booths inviting and informative, and they go out of their way to provide cool, creative items or tasty treats. Mmmmm … treats. It’s high time we recognize the standouts! Starting at TREX ’19 in Fort Worth, NTA will present The TREXies, honoring the outstanding sponsor booths in four categories:

  • Best giveaways (appeal of branded items distributed at booth)
  • Most interactive (effectiveness of staff, materials, displays, giveaways, etc.)
  • Tastiest treat (Hits. The. Spot.)*
  • Best of Show (overall appearance and effectiveness—and welcoming setting)

Serving as judges are the very people sponsors are targeting: NTA buyers. Tour operators and travel planners will be given ballots—and plenty of opportunities—to visit sponsor booths and vote for one booth in each category. One lucky voter will win $100, and on Tuesday afternoon, the lucky sponsor winners will be awarded TREXie regalia to display during the remaining time in Fort Worth.

*For official TREX refreshment sponsors only. All refreshments must be approved by NTA and the convention center in advance.

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