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Tour operators who participate as an appointment-taking buyer at Travel Exchange are eligible for a post-convention rebate up to a maximum of US$650 for combined travel and lodging expenses, which includes reimbursement of up to US$325 for the use of airline tickets purchased with frequent-flyer rewards. To be eligible, tour operators must meet the following:

  1. Register as a full appointment-taking buyer participant before Oct. 11, 2019.
  2. Update their company profile form on by Oct. 11, 2019.
  3. Attend and participate in all scheduled appointments is required.
  4. Stay at one of the NTA convention hotels.
  5. Participate in at least 2 of the 3 new notworking opportunities on Tuesday during TREX19.

Tour operators who register as a buyer  after Oct. 11, 2019 (item 1 above), but have met all other criteria (items 2 & 3 above), will be eligible for a partial rebate of up to US$325 for combined travel and lodging expenses (see regulations below).

The rebate will be based on validation by NTA of Exchange attendance and meeting the above requirements. Tour operators who arrive late, depart early, miss scheduled appointments or violate Exchange policies are ineligible for a rebate.

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