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Your organization’s profile is your key promotional tool at Travel Exchange. Check out this profile form example!

Use your company online profile to let sellers know about your company, as well as the product that interests you. (And an updated online profile is required for you to receive your rebate.)

In your online profile, you can:

  • List your customer types, product types and destinations.
    • Specify the destinations that do not interest you. (Sellers located in these destinations will not be able to request an appointment with your company during the appointment request phase. However, you will be able to request an appointment with them.)
    • Update your online profile today. You’ll need your NTA login and password.

Need help? NTA will do it for you, just call our member services team at +1.859.264.6540 or toll free 800.682.8886 (US and Canada) for assistance.

Market your organization with two profiles—one online and one on-site.

Online profile: Use your NTA Online profile to let buyers know about your organization. Buyers will do research before Travel Exchange to find the members with whom they want to meet. Your Travel Exchange appointments are likely to be better quality if you’ve taken the time to update your profile to accurately reflect your business. Don’t forget to upload photos! Update your profile today. You’ll need your NTA login and password.

On-site profile: In addition to your business card (by the way, we recommend bringing 200), your on-site profile form is the one marketing tool you can leave behind with buyers during appointments.

When preparing your profile, make sure your form is:

  • No longer than one page, front and back.
    • Three-hole punched.
    • Branded with your state/provincial abbreviation(s) in the upper right-hand corner.

Also include:

  • Year and location of Travel Exchange (Travel Exchange ’20 – Reno Tahoe).
    • Your organization name, address, phone, email and website.
    • Your contact name(s), specifically Travel Exchange attendees.
    • NTA member category (tour supplier, DMO, dual member, associate).
    • Description of your company/property/destination/product).
    • Location information/maps.
    • Group requirements and policies.
    • Provisions or amenities of interest to tour operators.
    • Available marketing tools.

How to distribute your profile form

  • Bring at least 200 copies of your profile form to Travel Exchange.
    • Give a profile form to the buyers at each business appointment.
    • The distribution of any materials other than your profile form and business card is not allowed during business appointments.
    • Upload it to the TREX mobile app for easy access at any time.

Questions? Reach NTA’s Member Solutions by email or call us at +1.859.264.6540 or 800.682.8886 (U.S. and Canada).

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