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There are a number of ways to get to Fort Worth for Travel Exchange 2019: plane, car, and train, to name a few. But as an NTA tour operator, you might be interested to know that there are multiple ways you can register for Fort Worth, too.

Let’s say you want to come as a buyer so you can hear about exciting destinations and product that your customers will want to visit… did you know that there are three ways you can register?

You can come as a full appointment-taking buyer. You’ll have your own appointment booth, and destinations and suppliers will visit you for prescheduled and on-site appointments. Your appointment “dance card” will be full, and not only will you register for the low price of $99, you will also qualify for the post-convention rebate. And you can bring a colleague for free, if he/she registers as a full appointment-taker as well.

You can attend as a partial appointment-taking buyer. Let’s say you can come for only part of the show. Or maybe you have a limited geographic area or type of product you wish to hear about. So you want to have complete control over your appointment schedule. If you register as a partial appointment-taker, you won’t participate in the prescheduled appointment system. In other words, the only appointments you have will be the ones that you either request or agree to. All we ask is that you submit a minimum of 25 appointment requests through the Direct Request system. With a $199 reg fee, it’s still a cost-efficient way to meet face-to-face with destinations and tour suppliers. You won’t be eligible for the rebate, but you will still have an appointment booth of your own.

Or you can come as a non-appointment-taking buyer. Maybe you want your Travel Exchange experience to focus on education and informal networking more than appointments. For $549, you can come hear from expert speakers on new and exciting ways to grow your business and stay on top of industry trends. You won’t have an appointment booth (or any appointments, period), but you will still have access to all aspects of the show, from sponsored luncheons to evening networking events.

One more option: Let’s say you’re a tour operator member, but you’re a receptive operator, so you’d like to meet with buyers. There’s a registration option for you, too. You can attend as a seller ($1,695), meeting with tour operator buyers and selling your tours and receptive services. You won’t have a booth of your own, but you will be able to participate in the prescheduled appointment request system, and you’ll have the chance to walk the floor to pick up on-site appointments.

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